Philadelphia Folk Festival, 2002

The amazing non-broken clavicle! A true modern medical miracle.

Around 8:00 AM. Seems this guy became well-loved while attempting to reach a blood alcohol content equal to his IQ.
His chief tormentor appears to feel vindicated, however, and to his credit nobly defended his canvas from increasingly
creative ideas offered and attempted by his transient devotees.
By around 10:30 AM or so, the paint was dry, but the
work never really sprang to life. It was rumored to have regained a stunned and tentative state of consciousness shortly
thereafter, thus ending another great morning of good clean family fun on a happy note.

And now some shots of our royal campsite and
the lovely Verdieck family, whose lively and photogenic children provided mass entertainment for the intrepid supplicants
to Potty Queen by regaling them with water balloons lobbed into the courtyard and the soothing balm of super-soaker
streams through the back vents.

Reports of water balloons landing among campsites far beyond a child's reach are purely anecdotal, and we strongly
deny that Paul had anything to do with it.

Is that the face of a mastermind?

Devilish, but Potty Queen Alley the range limit.


A new suspect, and such an innocent facade.....hmmmm.

Wait! News Flash: "Mad Bomber" suspect in custody!