Sarah, Spain -Spring 2003

Barcelona from the Sagreda Familia cathedral.
We stopped for lunch on our drive to Terque and I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time.
At the top of one of the towers of the Segreda Familia.
Dancing with a neighbor in an old traditional Flamenco dress of Anita's.
Standing above Terque (el pueblo en que yo vivio).
My cave, where I slept in Terque.

A park in Barcelona.

Sarah (la sobrina de mi maestro) and I, in the entrance of our Barcelona hostel.
Dancing at Anita's.
Todos despues de la fiesta.
Anita esta montando su moto.
Fred, my Spanish teacher, in front of our house in Terque.
Sarah, Fred's Neice.
In front of the Alcazaba fortress in Almeria.
View from our patio in Terque.
The walk to market in the pueblo next to Terque.
An Ayuntamiento (town hall). The sign reads "NO TO THE WAR".
Breathtaking landscape of Spain from a little mountain we hiked up.
The Alcazaba.
Our Hike.

Ohh... pobresito!

Friends in Terque: Adam and yet another Sarah in front of their house
Anita and Sarah Dancing.
Cute little green Citroen car.
Rooftops and apartments in Barcelona.
Fred serenading Sarah.
Anita's payella.
A herd of goats (not a very rare sight).
Part of Terque's irrigation system.
A cave, another very common sight.